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Women in Construction Week

12, Mar, 2024

The first week of March marks an important occasion for the construction industry – Women in Construction Week. Recognized by the National Association for Women in Construction (NAWIC), this week serves as a way to acknowledge the contributions of women in construction, raise awareness about the challenges they face, and highlight the opportunities available to them. At Rudick Construction Group, we took this opportunity to celebrate the remarkable women who are part of our organization.

At Rudick Construction Group, we recognize the importance of diversity in our workforce, and women play a crucial role in our team. Comprising 20% of our workforce and rising, our female employees bring unique perspectives, skills, and expertise to our projects, contributing to our success and driving innovation in the construction industry.

To honor the exceptional women who are part of our team, we organized a series of celebrations throughout Women in Construction Week. From surprise cookie deliveries, and catered lunches to engaging job site visits, we created opportunities to engage, recognize, and appreciate the dedication and hard work of our female colleagues.

As Women in Construction Week comes to a close, we reflect on the impact women have on our organization. At Rudick Construction Group we are committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace where every member, regardless of gender, feels valued and empowered to excel. Thank you to the women who paved the way and to those who are continuing to break barriers in the industry.