Molson Coors Packing Warehouse

Molson Coors Packing Warehouse

Fort Worth, Texas

Molson Coors Warehouse Expansion Packaging Plant is a ground up, 210,000 SF build on a 30-acre adjacent property to an existing campus. The addition provides increased production capacities and streamlines shipping and receiving processes to the current operation which includes 2,500 linear feet of new production lines. The building will be a hub for logistical product staging, trucking preparation, shipment docking, and delivery relief for the existing facility. This new warehouse, separated from the current structure by active railroad tracks, ties into the current operation to the new building via a sky bridge that runs 750’ across the plant site, over trucking lanes, and railroad tracks seamlessly connecting both operations. 

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  • Client

    Molson Coors

  • Architect

    Hixson Architecture

  • Completion Date

    March 2023

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