Shannon K. McCall


Clay,I wanted to take a moment and thank you and your team’s effort in assisting Telios in achieving our next milestone in corporate growth. Our highest level of appreciation and gratitude is extended to Rudick’s Ryan Short. Each project is only as good as the individuals assigned to it, and those individuals who take emotional ‘ownership become instrumental in the success of the project. Ryan absolutely ‘owned,’ our project. His commitment to details, his eagerness to listen; his creativeness to navigate project issues, his tireless effort to do-what-it-takes, and his ability to embrace our vision for the project was above exemplary. Looking back over twenty years of my construction experience, his efforts and determination are amongst the top five superintendent and project managers efforts, I have ever witnessed. His role and engagement in the Rudick Group will have a direct relationship to the organization’s great reputation and future.

Hopefully, it will not be too much longer, and we will grow again. When we do, we will certainly call you. Thanks once more for your team’s efforts and a job well done!!!