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Knight Oil

Lafayette, Louisiana

Multiple building complex constructed in three distinct stages. The outward facing building consisted of a structural steel framing with ACM façade, curtainwall & aluminum sunshades on exterior. The building holds multiple meeting spaces, personnel offices, executive offices and corporate meeting spaces. The second building within the complex is a two-story office and warehouse used for manufacturing and support personnel. Lastly, a third, three story office addition to the complex was completed in 2012 which features a skywalk connecting the new building to the complex’s existing facilities. All three building were finished within budget and ahead of schedule, managed singularly by the Lafayette Division of Rudick Construction.

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  • Sector


  • Client

    Current SLEMCO Complex

  • Architect

    Don J Breaux Architects

  • Completion Date

    Complex Completed 2012

  • Square Footage

    137,488 SF